Dog training platforms

11" x 30"

10" x 30"

9" x 25"

10" x 25"

10" x 21"

9" x 21

7" x 17"

Square 11"

Square 10"

Square 9"

Product Information

You may order an individual platform or a set. A set consists of two platforms the same size. They come with Velcro on the side in order to attach two together. They may be stacked on top of each other to create a higher platform or side by side for a wider platform. We make our platforms using a piece of insulation sandwiched between two non skid mats. The finished product is about 2 1/2 inches high. One large 10"x30" platform weighs approximately two pounds. We cannot guarantee platform color as our supplier changes without notice.

International Shipping And Alaska

For international and Alaska shipping prices please contact

Custom Extra Charge

We can customize platforms to most any size you need. There is an extra charge for labor and materials. For single platforms please add $1 for each additional 1 inch of length, $5 for each additional 1 inch of width. To place a custom order email or call (760) 947-1339

Multiple Order Shipping

For multiple platform orders K9 Play Products will combine shipping charges. Please email or call (760) 947-1339 between 8AM-6PM PST with your order for a personalized PayPal invoice.