Dog Training Platforms

Sizes Dog Training Platforms 

Dog Training Platforms inspired by Michele Pouliot improves dogs position and focus while training freestyle, rally, obedience, agility and most other dog sports. 

Position Platform

Toy                    7" x 17"                                                                                                $34                                    

Small                9" x 21"                                                                                                 $40                                    

Small x            10" x 21"                                                                                                $42                                    

Medium           9" x 25"                                                                                                 $42                                    

Medium x       10" x 25"                                                                                                $44                                    

Large                10" x 30"                                                                                               $46                                    

Extra Large     11" x 30"                                                                                               $51                                    

Square               9" x 9"                                                                                                 $27                                    

Square              10" x 10"                                                                                              $30                                    

 Square             11" x 11"                                                                                               $33                                     

Platforms come with Velcro on the side in order to attach two together. They may be stacked on top of each other to create a higher platform or side by side for a wider platform. We make our platforms using a piece of insulation sandwiched between two non skid mats. The finished product is about 2 1/2  inches high. One large 10"x30" platform weighs approximately two pounds.

Custom Sizes

We can customize platforms to most any size you need. To place a custom order email or call (760) 947-1339. 

Measurement Instructions

The best way to measure your dog for correct sizing is to mark off the platform size you think you might need. You can do this by drawing the dimensions either outside using chalk or indoors by marking the dimensions with tape. Place your dog inside in order to check for your needs. You may also use the directions below.

To determine the size, place your dog in a comfortable and balanced Stand, much like a conformation stance. For width, take two measurements, first from outside of left front paw to outside of right front paw, then do the same for back paws and use whichever measurement is wider. For length, measure from tip of left front paw to back of left rear paw.  

Too short can cause the dog to stand with the hind legs too far under or prevent them from getting all 4 feet on the platform. Width is purposely narrow to pattern-train precise position. Dog should be able to have all four feet placed comfortably on the platform to maintain balance. An extra 2 or 3 inches is needed on the width. However, the wider the platform is, the less precise stand the dog will assume.